Goldsmiths’ workbenches

Comfortable and gentle to the back

A workplace set up under ergonomic aspects is the basis for the production of exclusive exhibits of a goldsmith.

Workbenches developed especially for this purpose have a bellied cut-out in the front area with integrated forging board made of V2A stainless steel which has been provided with a clamping device to hold a filing pin.

In order to meet the ergonomic aspect, the benches have been fitted with a quadruple two-point system which ensures a continuous elevation adjustment. By means of a crank which has been fitted at the front of the bench, every goldsmith can set his or her ideal working height.
Optionally this is possible electrically as well.

As a standard feature, the workbench is available in 1,250 mm and 1,450 mm with two containers including integrated closing system. The workbenches come as a standard model G, but can be supplied also with other layouts (model A-N).

The workbenches are available in beech veneer and decorative been with a massive worktop each.

Other finishes and requirements on request.

Sale through wholesalers exclusively.


Goldsmiths’ workbenches Goldsmiths’ workbenches  




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